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Token allocation chart

For security reasons each AMG Token is backed
up by one SILBERPFEIL™ can at a price lower than the market price


1 AMG Token (SALE) = 1 SILBERPFEIL can*

* indicative median of a unit price around the world is €1,8
Token holders get a token-bonus from each can sold. The more SILBERPFEIL cans are sold all over the world, the more the profit of a Token Sale participant is.
A blockchain forgery control system keeps track of each can from the production until the realization


Classic SILBERPFEIL drink. The beverage is produced from natural ingredients, natural refined sugar and clear artesian water. The drink is infused with vitamins and minerals, hence it boosts your energy and helps to recover quickly after intensive activities.
Sugar Free
This SILBERPFEIL beverage contains no sugar. It is designed for people who keep a healthy lifestyle. Tasty, refreshing and energizing, this drink erases tiredness and bad spirits. The main advantage of this product is the total absence of sugar.
Energy drink with the natural watermelon juice! Reach watermelon flavour will satisfy even the most refined taste and will give a flavourful energy boost. Watermelon flesh is reach with vitamins B, C, PP and microelements without any chemical additives.
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Ongoing results of the project:

1 000 000 USD
2 000 000 USD
Token price: 0,7$
Token price: 0,8$
  • Three participants, who invested the most during each ride, get tokens at a price 0,6 USD in cryptocurrency equivalent
  • Five biggest investors of the whole Pre-sale get an additional bonus of 10%, 7%, 5%, 3%, 1% tokens of invested sum
  • All tokens will be transferred after the Pre-sale
To participate →
Only e-mail is required for registration

About the SILBERPFEIL company
and product:

SILBERPFEIL is a new energy drink brand. SILBERPFEIL exclusive partner and contract holder in 23 countries is a famous Swiss company ARNAELL AG. Straightforward marketing strategy, the highest quality of ingredients and water, superior management team and cooperation with famous brands is the key to fast expansion to international markets.

The beverage is already popular in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Turkey, and is also presented in UAE, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The product is now being delivered to warehouses in Russia and CIS countries. Moreover, we signed new contracts with the biggest distributors in 23 countries.

SILBERPFEIL stands for “silver arrow”. It is a popular name for Mercedes race cars. In 2017, we received a permission to use AMG Mercedes Motorsport logo on our production.


→ High quality of water and all ingredients. The beverage is produced in one of the most pollution-free areas of Europe – Austria.

→ This is the first energy drink, which acquired environmental seal of approval and the right to print the “ECO” sign on the package.

→ SILBERPFEIL has the right to print AMG Mercedes Motorsport logo and the “official partner” caption on its products.

→ The SILBERPFEIL company has a blockchain forgery control system.

Project stages

Before 40 000 000 AMG
Maximum advertising and marketing coverage of Russian and CIS countries’ markets. Promotion of the franchise: “Installation of branded refrigerator with AMG Mercedes Motosport beverages” in different regions, as well as logistics adjustment. In-time delivery of refrigerators and beverages to sales-points.
2017 – 2018
From 40 000 000 AMG to 80 000 000 AMG
Beginning of 2018
Launching sales of the energy drink in China (population of 1 382,3 million), where the sales are expected to reach 600 million cans by the end of 2018.
Increasing sales in China by 250 million cans
Beginning of 2019
Launching sales in Cyprus, USA and Mexico. Create a localized marketing strategy.
Launching sales in Africa and India, developing adapted marketing strategies.
2019 – 2020

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SILBERPFEIL team is always on top, supporting all sports events all over the world.

SILBERPFEIL is an official partner of Mercedes AMG DTM HWA team. Our logo is placed on the racing cars and trucks, racers’ equipment and all racing track attributes.

«Today, energy drinks are necessary. Energy drink SILBERPFEIL gives me strength. I am very pleased to receive the support of this young brand with such an amazing name that is ideal for Mercedes-Benz. I would like to popularize this new brand on racing tracks!»
Masters Maximilian Götz
German racer at ADAC GT
«Since the beginning of the 2016 season in Formula 4, SILBERPFEIL has accompanied me as my sponsor, and I am very glad that we will be together this year. SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink is a young and growing company, and it motivates me that we will go through the next steps of my sports career with Porsche Carrera. With SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink, I feel the strength and energy that I need on the track to successfully achieve my goals.»
Thomas Preining
ADAC Formula 4 professional racer
Michi: "SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink is ideal for training sessions and exams. Being the long-distance triathletes, we have long training sessions usually 2-3 times a day. SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink gives an ideal energy boost before and during the training. Even during the competition, SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink saved us from losing efficiency and gave us an important energy boost in the final phase. SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink is the ideal support for us, which allows us to stay focused for long periods of time (8-10 hours)".
Michi and Dani Herlbauer
The fastest triathlon couple in Austria
Daniel: «We are proud that we have such a strong partner as SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink, and we are happy to speak with the support of this young new brand. For us, this is a great motivation on our professional path. In training, SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink helps us achieve maximum performance and show the best result at the competitions.»
Michi and Dani Herlbauer
The fastest triathlon couple in Austria


Julia Pogasiy
Roman Zlotsky


Gevorgyan Argishti
Co-founder and CEO of “ARNAELL AG
Evgeniy Vasilev
Alexey Gabrieli
International marketing manager
Wilhelm Goodelow
Director of “ARNAELL AG"
Victoria Reidt
Head of International department
Kar Bagdas
Director of Chinese office, Guangzhou
Arsen Ovakimyan
Director of Armenian office
Ilya Shchetnikov
Franchise on the Russian market